Clinics & Services

The Surgery offers a wide range of clinic's & services which you can read about below.

Services at Lakeside Medical Practice

Can't find the service you are looking for? See our Health Zone for Local and National support services and self-referral.

In addition to general medical consultations, we are pleased to be able to provide specialist clinics and services covering the following areas:


Please leave a voicemail on our anticoagulation line.

Asthma Clinics

We run weekly asthma clinics and invite you to attend an annual asthma review.

Asthma Reviews

Your asthma review is a check-up to see how well you’re managing your asthma and to see if there’s anything more you and your asthma nurse can do to help you achieve good asthma control.

At your asthma review your asthma nurse may ask:

  • Are your asthma symptoms getting in the way of sleep?
  • Are you having asthma symptoms during the day?
  • Are your asthma symptoms getting in the way of day-to-day activities?
  • How often do you use your reliever inhaler?

You may also be asked to:

  • Perform Spirometry tests or Peak Flow Readings
    • These are simple breathing tests which show the asthma nurse how well your lungs are working.
  • Check your inhaler technique
    • Taking your inhaler in the right way can make a big difference. So don't forget to bring along all your inhalers and spacers.

The nurse will also check how many relievers you are requesting, and how often you’re using your reliever inhaler and make sure they are still working.

This is a good opportunity to talk through what you can do to lower your risk of an asthma attack, for example, using your preventer regularly, or stopping smoking, or losing any excess weight.

You will also be provided with a written asthma action plan which explains what to do if your asthma gets worse.

Find local and national support services

Baby Clinic

Our Practice Nurses run a Baby Clinic, please speak to reception to book. 

Find NHS Guidance to your child's immunisation schedule below:

Cervical Screening (Smear Tests)

Cervical screening (smear) tests are offered to everyone who has a cervix and is between the ages of 25 and 65. Further information on this, including how often smears are offered, can be found on the NHS website and on Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust website. You can book an appointment for a smear test with one of our Nursing Team by contacting Reception.

We understand that you may feel apprehensive about having a smear test or that you may have questions or concerns. Please feel free to book an appointment with a practice nurse to discuss these.

Condom Cards

We also provide free condoms for 16-24 year olds using the ‘Come Correct’ condom card scheme. You can register for a card at the surgery.

‘Get It’ is a free and confidential service, facilitated by METRO, for young people aged 16-24 to access Free Concoms, advice on sexual health and/or Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea testing kits online here.

Contraceptive Services

We offer a full range of contraceptive services including: the implant, Mirena (intrauterine system), copper coil (intrauterine device), injection, combined pill, progesterone only pill (mini pill), ring, patch, caps and condoms. Please follow the link for more information on all methods.

Your Guide to Contraception from Sexwise here

Please submit an eConsult to request these or any other contraceptive/sexual health service or telephone reception.

COPD Clinic

COPD is a long-term lung condition which makes it harder for you to breathe out.

COPD is usually confirmed by a breathing test called Spirometry

At Lakeside we invite you to attend for COPD review with one of our nurses at least once a year. This will help to support you and manage your care.

  • At The COPD review, the nurse will explain what the different inhalers are for and when and how to use them. Taking your inhalers in the correct way can make a big difference so please bring your inhalers along to your review.
  • The nurse will discuss keeping active and eating well and give information on local activities such as Seated Pilates. She can also refer you to pulmonary rehabilitation. This is a programme of exercise and education to stop you getting out of breath.
  • You will be offered an annual flu vaccination and a one-off pneumonia vaccination to protect you against flu and pneumonia.
  • There is also support available to help you stop smoking with Smoke-Free Bexley.
  • The nurse can help to support you in managing a flare-up of your COPD, knowing the signs and symptoms and who to contact if your condition gets worse She can provide you with a written self-management plan and a ‘rescue pack’ of medicines to keep at home.

You can get more information and advice on COPD from Asthma and Lung UK.

For more information about COPD visit the NHS website

Diabetic Clinics (for all ages)


High Blood Pressure

You can use our online form to submit a new Blood Pressure Reading.

Keeping Patients Well

Lakeside Medical Practice likes to keep its patients well. If you are over the age of 40 and under 75 and have not seen your GP for a period of three years or more it will wise to see the Practice Nurse for a quick medical check. For instance, a person could have had diabetes or high blood pressure for many years before it is detected. Make your appointment in the usual way.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Patient will need to be reviewed by the GP and then placed onto the waiting list for the GP to arrange a convenient time.

NHS Health Checks

We carry out adult health checks and health checks for 7 year old children – please ask at reception for details and eligibility.

Over the Age of 75

Patients over the age of 75 will be invited for a quick medical check on an annual basis. This could take place in the home of the patient for housebound patients only.

Post Natal Care

6 week check, patient will book this themselves

NHS Health Checks - only eligible if invited by the NHS

STI Testing

We have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing clinic available for people who have no STI symptoms, and would like to get themselves checked.

Our clinics are Wednesday 8am to 11am and Thursday 2pm to 5:40pm.

This is a confidential service open to residents and non-residents of all ages.