For non-urgent issues, please follow the guidelines below and choose the right service. An appointment may not be necessary.

This will help us to be more efficient by making an appointment available to you when you need it the most.

Please attend your appointment on time, if you are late you may not be seen. If you are not seen you will not be able to rearrange your appointment until the next working day-except in the event of an medical emergency that requires immediate attention.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of our services, we are not accepting face-to-face appointment bookings at the front desk, except in cases of exceptional need.

If you need any other small changes as a disabled person to make your visit to us possible please let us know when you book.

Disability Access

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Check Your Condition First

Condition Checker

Many conditions can be dealt with without the need to see your GP.

You can try a local pharmacy for advice about a range of conditions and we also have lots of self help information. Please try this advice before contacting the Practice.

Pharmacy & Self-Care


Help and support available from many National and Local Organisations

Visit our Health Zone


Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals who can offer clinical advice, over the counter medicines and their use, to effectively and safely manage a range of minor health concerns. They can also help you to decide whether you'll need to see a doctor. You don't need an appointment and you won't even be asked to make a purchase. Every pharmacy also has a private consultation area for you to talk about your symptoms in private if you prefer.

Locate your local pharmacy

Urgent but NOT life-threatening

An urgent appointment is intended for addressing a single patient concern. Any attempts to bypass the booking system may result in removal from the practice list.

We maintain a daily capacity for addressing urgent medical issues that require immediate attention.

However, please be aware that these appointments are strictly limited to specific urgent criteria only.

Please call the practice on: 0208 102 0488 to book, manage and cancel your appointment.


Urgent Care and Out-of-Hours Emergencies

Our practice does not function as a casualty unit. If you believe your injury may require stitches or if you suspect a broken bone, we advise you to visit the nearest Urgent Care Centre. 

Visit an urgent care centre if:

  • You have an urgent medical issue requiring on the day attention

Find Urgent Care Services

Book an Appointment

As a total triage practice, we now handle all medical or administrative requests through online consultation forms. You can contact us by phone or visit our practice in person if you prefer, but you'll still need to fill in a form. This means the most convenient way for patients to request an appointment is to fill in a form directly, you can do this below. Our staff are happy to assist you if you encounter any difficulties with this process.

We provide morning and afternoon appointments with a variety of clinicians; however, the availability of these appointments is influenced by demand. Expect delays during our busiest periods.

Ways to book

  1. Contact us online using our online consultation platforms
  2. Telephone: 0208 102 0488
  3. Visit the practice.

How to Cancel?

  1. Download the NHS App
  2. Contact us online using our online consultation platforms
  3. Telephone: 0208 102 0488

To ensure the safety and efficiency of our services, we are not accepting face-to-face appointment bookings at the front desk, except in cases of exceptional need.

The decision to accommodate such requests will be at the discretion of the practice. This measure aims to prevent unnecessary queuing and minimize exposure to pathogens for both patients and staff.

  • If you need advice about a medical problem for which you do not need to see a doctor or nurse, please specifically ask for a telephone consultation and a clinician will call you to offer advice.
  • If you feel that you need to be seen in the surgery, please specify this when booking your appointment.

Please remember, if you have ‘call barring’ on your phone we will be unable to ring you back as our calls go through a switchboard.

Your Appointment

Upon arrival, please proceed to the self-check-in screen or approach a receptionist to check-in. Once checked in, please take a seat and wait for your name to appear on the electronic sign.

The sign will indicate when the doctor is ready to see you and provide the room number you should proceed to.

If you have difficulty seeing or understanding the sign, please inform a receptionist, and they will assist you.

Appointments are typically scheduled for 10 minutes and intended for addressing one medical condition only. If you anticipate that your health concern will require more time, please inform us when booking your appointment.

Occasionally, appointments before yours may run longer than expected, causing a delay.

We kindly request your patience in such situations, as the GP or nurse may need additional time to address your needs as well.

If you are unable to wait, please inform the reception desk, and they will attempt to arrange another appointment for you at a convenient time.

Sickness Certificates (Fit Notes)

Travel Vaccinations

Home Visits

Please telephone 0208 102 0488 before 10am if you believe a home visit is essential.

Our GPs will assess your request and may call you to discuss it. If they feel a home visit is appropriate, they will usually visit in the afternoon after morning surgery.

Remember, the doctor is best able to assess your condition at the surgery where we have equipment and facilities.

Life Threatening - Go to A&E

Call 999 or go to A&E now if:

  • you or someone you know needs immediate help
  • you have seriously harmed yourself - for example, by taking a drug overdose

A mental health emergency should be taken as seriously as a medical emergency.

Find your nearest A&E

How to Cancel an Appointment

If you no longer require your scheduled appointment, please cancel it as soon as possible.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please give us as much notice as possible so that your appointment can be offered to someone else.

If you are cancelling please telephone us on 0208 102 0488.

Alternatively, you can text the word "CANCEL" to your appointment reminder message, and our system will automatically cancel the appointment for you.