Patient Participation Group (PPG)

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Our Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The purpose of the PPG is to educate patients on how patients can be purposely involved in working with the doctors and other clinical and practice staff to share ideas and help to shape the planning and development of new and existing services.

The government and ICBs are expecting to see evidence of patient involvement in all aspects of healthcare. We aim to involve a broad range of patients from the practice to make it as inclusive as possible.

You can share your interest in joining the group by using the online form below:

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Virtual Patient Group

We realise that many patients are unable to attend meetings due to pressure from work or family commitments but may want to have a say in what we do. We need and value the input from a wide range of patients especially the ones who are too busy to attend.

Why not join our “virtual” community?

We can keep in touch online and you can play a very important role in our PPG.

As a member of the Virtual Patient Group, we will send you email messages asking for your opinion on a range of topics. You can decide how often and when you would like to answer. Get involved from the comfort of your own home.

Patient Participation Group

We have an established Patient Participation Group (PPG) and are now looking to recruit new members to ensure a representative group.

The PPG aims to act as the ‘voice of patients’, reflecting local views and opinions and thereby having a say in changes and decisions taken within the Practice.

The practice can also use the PPG as a ‘sounding board’ for new ideas they may wish to try.

  • Do you have something important to say?
  • Do you have ideas on how to improve your local practice?
  • Could you spare a little time to attend daytime meetings (6 times a year)?

If you would like more information about the group, or would like to get involved, please ask at Reception.

We need young people, workers, retirees, people with long term conditions and people from non-British ethnic groups.